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My Name is Butler Brewer

I'm a 23 year old Atlanta Native. I've been working in the blue-collar/service industry my whole life. My hands are dirty more often than they are clean.

Whether you're one of our base level employees, a parts vendor or a top client, my goal is for everyone who interacts with my company to feel cared for, and for our clients to receive Honest Service at honest prices.

I'm old school, so I'd love to shake your hand, grab some BBQ and see if we can help you out!

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Let's Start at the Beginning...

From a Young Age I can remember being fascinated by cars. My brother and I shared a huge hot-wheels collections, and we watched endless hours of Top-Gear.

My Grandad taught me how to drive manual when I was 11 years old on a Willy's Jeep from the 1940's and I would sneak out and drive it around the field every chance I could.

I got my license and my Dad's old 2002 Ram 1500, and the world was mine for the taking, but there was one small problem. The truck had 267,000 miles on it. So I learned how to work on it, oil changes, u-joints, even body panels.

After the Dodge I bought a 1974 Ford F-250, which I still own to this day. Being a 50 Year Old Truck it needed some TLC, so I learned how to tune a carburetor, time an engine, fix brakes. I loved every second of it, and wanted to carry that into my career.

Fast Forward a few years and here we are. I started AutoButler with one goal in mind, to glorify God, and we do that by doing good work, being honest to our customers and taking care of our employees. We currently have 2 service vans running full time in the Metro Atlanta area, and looking to grow! Trusting a young company like mine can be scary, but I'd love the opportunity to earn your business!

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